Belts, Suspenders - How to Choose the Right Size?

October 06, 2016 1 Comment

How To Determine Your Belt Size?

How to choose the right belt size?

Luckily, finding out your belt size is not difficult at all. In fact, most guides will tell you to simply add 2 inches to your waist size. For instance, if you wear a size 32 in pants, then a size 34 belt should fit you well. For your reference, we have included below a conversion chart for the most common belt sizes sold in the US.

But what if you don't know your pants size but have an old belt that fits just right? Probably the best way to ensure the right fit is to measure an old belt, beginning from the buckle-end and all the way to the center hole, or the hole you use most when fastening the belt.  All Accenti belts are measured to the center hole and have 5 holes in total - this way, if you lose or gain a few inches around your waist, you can continue using the same belt by switching to the innermost or the outermost buckle hole, respectively.

What size suspenders should you order?

Though somewhat troublesome, suspender sizing, in general, is very forgiving. Most suspenders, including ours, feature an elastic element in their construction, which allows men with 2-3" difference in height (or size of the beer belly!) to wear the same size in suspenders. In saying this, we do recommend taking measurements prior to ordering.



All Accenti alligator suspenders have the classic Y-back, button-on construction. To determine the right size for you, measure the distance between one of the connection buttons, located on the interior of the front waistband (where suspender button-ends would attach), diagonally over the shoulder, and to the center of the back waistband. Then, match up your measurement with those found in our size chart.

Your Measurement Accenti Suspenders Size
 38" - 42" Small
 42" - 46" Medium
 46" - 50" Large
 50" - 54" Extra Large


Still not sure? Drop us a quick note and we'll do our best to help you determine your belt or suspenders size.

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gad mheta mwangachuchu
gad mheta mwangachuchu

December 06, 2017

Excellent products guys. No question about it. I had similar products but none comes close.
Keep up good work. The leather beautiful too.

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