Gift Ideas for Fathers and New Grads

April 23, 2017

Gift Ideas for Fathers and New Grads

As college graduation season and Father's Day draw near, I decided to put together a list of thoughtful gift ideas, worthy of the special men in your life. Go ahead and share your list, too, because there is no such thing as too many ideas or too many gifts!


 An Unforgettable Adventure

College graduation is one of the most memorable experiences in his life, and, probably,  the last chance to travel overseas before he gets sucked in into the 9-to-5 routine for the next five years or so, earning those coveted two weeks of vacation per year. 

When it comes to choosing a destination, possibilities are endless. For an outdoorsy adventurer, try Swiss Alps, Patagonia (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa) or Budapest (Hungary).  What is he just wants to have fun? Nothing wrong with that! My suggestions for a socialite would be London (UK), Bavaria (Germany) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands). 


A well thought out trip makes a fantastic present for a father. For example, a getaway for him and his spouse to an all-exclusive resort in Hawaii (USA) can be a wonderful opportunity to take a break from day-to-day chores and rekindle the romance. You can always bring the kids along for the adventure in San Diego Safari Park, for example, or Banff National Park (Canada).


A Timeless Accessory

A well-made accessory would make a great gift for a man of any age. With gentle use and proper care, it can last years; some may be passed from one generation to another, which adds sentimental value. 

A fine, full-grain leather briefcase is a nice fit both a young aspiring graduate and an accomplished professional. 


Likewise, a nice silk tie can make him look polished, professional and confident during his first big interview. For a man that wears ties on daily basis, choose a tie with a unique print, which he could add to his existing collection and reach for it on special occasions.


Talking accessories, a quality made a leather belt, which he could wear with both dress pants and jeans, would remind him of you anywhere he goes. For a true fashionista, try a pair of leather suspenders, which will add swagger to any stylish outfit. We make our belts and suspenders out of American tanned alligator and lizard skins; visit our online store to browse our current selection of alligator belts and alligator suspenders.



A Keepsake Box

For all his treasures, like his college graduation ring. Add personalization to make it extra special. My sterling silver box, I inherited from my grandfather. Actually, it is an old cigar box, it still smells of cigars, but it now keeps my school regalia, medals, and navy tags. It is one of those personal items that I truly treasure and will someday pass it on to my oldest son.


A Subscription 

A gift of a subscription to a service is a type of a gift that keeps on giving all year round. If he is an avid movie lover, a yearly unlimited movie pass at his preferred movie theater. If your recent grad is rather focused on work and not play, then, perhaps, a subscription to a periodical or a magazine, like The Wall Street Journal or Harvard Business Review, would be more practical and help him stay on top of the news. 


Tickets to His Favorite Show

As the 70's fan, I, personally, would like to get gifted tickets to David Gilmore's concert, for example. I am sure that Pink Floyd fans can relate to me on this one. Essentially, it is a gift of a priceless and unforgettable experience, which we, as dads, often hesitate to spend the money on, in light of other priorities. Likewise, if you are a dad, gifting to your recent grad, add a premium backstage pass to those Cirque de Soleil show in Las Vegas to make the show a truly memorable event. Because he will sure head there first, right? 


His Preferred Spirit or Alcoholic Beverage

For a college graduate, almost any spirit would do. But let's say that vodka is his preferred choice, and there a particularly expensive and exclusive kind, which he has always wanted to try - this could make a great gift, especially for the occasion.

Fathers, particularly those who enjoy fine dining (or grilling), would probably appreciate a nice bottle of red. Though not a spirit, good, vintage cab always works. There are actually wine subscriptions, which would send you a box of finer wines to taste every month!


A Class or A Course

I am not talking about a crash course on grammar, obviously! But does he have a hobby or an area of interest? A specialized course, like graphic design, could be a great gift for a recent grad - it just may help him stand out among other candidates and get the job! 

For dads, who know it all, I would recommend a leisure class for the pure purpose of enjoyment, like photography, painting or meditation. Then, next year, you could gift him an easel or a camera! 


I hope that these suggestions have somewhat been useful to you. Be sure to share yours below, we all need some inspiration for this holidays season!


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