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December 30, 2017

Custom Alligator Belts

I have to admit, I am writing this post partially for my own benefit - it will save me a lot of time in answering e-mails about custom orders. Having had numerous conversation with our existing customers, I realized that many of them do not know about our manufacturing capabilities. Did you know that Accenti Leather product offering extends far beyond the alligator belts that we offer online? If not, then this post is for you.

When it comes to accessories made from alligator hide, the most widely worn are alligator belts, which also happen to be our best selling items. Due to high demand, we made them available online, however alligator belts only scratch the surface of what our artisans can make out of alligator hide. 


Alligator accessories that can be made to order

  • Belts and Straps (custom length and width)
  • Wallets, Checkbooks and Card Holders
  • Bags and Handbags
  • iPhone and iPad Cases 
  • Portfolios and Briefcases
  • Suspenders & Braces 
  • Watch Bands
  • Hat Bands

American Alligator Bifold Wallets

Many alligator skin colors to choose from

Cognac, brown, black, and bordeaux American alligator skin colors (below) are the most popular - we stock them regularly. Other colors, such as orange, blue, navy, green, pink, etc., are stocked to order, which can extend the lead time of your order by 1-3 weeks. We will often reply to your inquiry with picture swatches of available colors at the time.

american alligator skin cognac, brown, black, bordeaux

Ready to place a custom order? To give you an accurate quote, we will need to know the following ...

Belts and Strapss

Among other details, we will ask you to specify the desired size and width of the strap, the type of belt buckle that will be used, and the number of keepers, if any.

  • Belt Size - if you are not sure about your belt size, please refer to sizing guidelines in this post - How to Choose the Right Belt Size?
  • Belt Width (buckle end) - a typical dress belt is 1-1/4" wide. The wider the belt, 1-1/2" or more, the most casual it is.
  • Buckle Type - there are many different types such as bar buckle, slide buckle, reversible buckle or D-ring buckle, and, to ensure a perfect fit, it is important for us to know ahead of time which you plan on using. I highly encourage photo submissions, you can attach them to the Contact Form
  • Belt Construction - you get to decide whether you'd like a single-piece construction (more expensive), or a more typical 2-3 piece construction (more affordable). The price difference between the two can range from $150-$250, depending on the skin color, cut, and size.
  • Skin Color - choose from the above inventory, or inquire about specific color availability. 

Wallets, Checkbooks, Bags, Handbags, Portfolios, and Briefcases

  • Dimensions - please specify the desired item height, width, and depth.  
  • Detailed Description - should include details such shape/style/design, number and the type of internal and external compartments/pockets/card slots, hardware preference (zippers, clasps, snaps, etc), lining color and fabric, etc.
  • Skin Color/Colors - choose from the above inventory, or inquire about specific color availability.
  • Pictures - we highly encourage photo submissions. If you have a specific design in mind, please share it with us. When it comes to pictures, more is better.

iPhone and iPad Cases

  • Size/Series - specify the item dimensions and series, e.g. iPhone 7, or iPad Pro 10.5-inch.
  • Skin Color - choose from the above inventory, or inquire about specific color availability.
  • Shell Color - a typical iPhone case will have an underlying plastic shell, which is covered with alligator skin (white, black, other)
  • Style - please elaborate on the desired style, for example, a simple case, or a case with a flap cover, or a case with a flap cover that also has an internal credit card slot, etc. Photo submissions are encouraged.

Watch Bands, Watch Straps

  • Width and Length. Measuring your existing watch band can be confusing, and, if in doubt, we highly recommend that you mail it to us and let us do the work. If you are determined to do it yourself, please provide the following: the width of the strap end that sits in between the lugs, the width of the strap-end that connects to the buckle, the total length of the buckle strap, the total length of the tip-end strap, strap thickness.
  • Skin Color - choose from the above inventory, or inquire about specific color availability.
  • Buckle Type - if you have an existing buckle that you'd like to re-use, you will need to mail it to us.


We understand that submitting a custom order request can be intimidating, and some of you may just want to get a ballpark idea of the price. We want you to know - that is ok! We respect your privacy and will never push you into buying anything. And, we will always reply via e-mail, unless you specifically request a callback. 

Look forward to hearing from you!


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